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Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
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GIG-202 Tab

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The GIG-202 TAB digital mixing console is the first fully digital mixing console in DAP Audio's GIG range. It is a compact digital mixing console that enjoys all the features of the bigger digital mixers available on the market. It has sixteen XLR/TRS combo inputs and four TRS stereo inputs; all equipped with gate, compressor and a 4-band full parametric EQ on each input channel. 

Phantom 120 LED Wash

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The Showtec Phantom 120 Wash is an RGBW wash moving head with motorized zoom. It is equipped with a high grade clear lens plate with RGB backlight function. This allows the user to combine or alternate the wash effect with the backlight colours to create more dramatic effects. Both wash and backlight LEDs are independently controllable in colour-mix, dimmer, and strobe and have their own preset colours for total control. The moving head also uses IFS Technology so that light fixtures can be c...

Video recap Frankfurt 2016

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The 2016 Prolight+Sound trade fair is over once again. Over the course of four days, we were pleased to welcome customers from a range of different nationalities. We would like to thank everyone who visited us and showed interest in our new products.Not only does the exhibition provide a platform where we can display our latest products, it also gives us the opportunity to discuss our future products with one another. Your comments and suggestions are our main starting points in our product d...

Architectural lighting for events using Tondello technologies

The event held at the Cini Foundation in Venice was one of the most successful productions designed by Alessandro Tondello. The owner of one of Italy’s largest insurance companies wanted to host the company’s traditional annual gala there, attended by 300 guests.Alessandro Tondello used the company colours, red and white, to illuminate the imposing façade, the corridors, the arches, the hall of frescoes, and the halls featuring tapestries.A total of two hundred Eventspot 1900 projectors were...

Infinity iM-2515s shine at The Voice Of Holland final

On Saturday 27 February, the sixth final of The Voice Of Holland took place. Of the four remaining contestants, it was Maan who came away as winner. Nine Infinity iM-2515 RGBW Matrixes were hung up high above the stage.These LEDs can be used to create any imaginable effect using full pixel control. This feature was frequently used during the shows, with both texts and visual effects being displayed. The narrow beam angle ensured that these effects were clearly visible through the smoke.Since...
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