38 Spectral M800s at Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi

This May, a concert marking the end of the Italian theatre season was held at the Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi near Turin. On the grounds of this phenomenal palace, the lighting designer Yiannos Ciuf Vafidis pulled out all the stops to create an unforgettable evening. He used 38 Showtec Spectral M800s to illuminate the palace. The combination of the Spectrals, lighting the palace in a single colour, with projections of figures made the show a feast for the eyes.

Breaking news: Highlite International Comes to the US

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Article from LSA-magazine:If you’ve been in the entertainment lighting industry for any length of time, no doubt you’re familiar with most manufacturers and distributors. But unless you’ve spent time in Europe, you may not be familiar with Highlite International and its Showtec line of lighting equipment. Techni-Lux, the Orlando-based distributor, is out to make sure that you know a lot more about the company and its products since it started distributing the products. 

Showtec Beacon 360

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The Showtec Beacon 360 has it all: LEDs on two sides and infinite rotation. Create the effects that were, up until recently, thought of as impossible to achieve. The combination of fast, infinite panning and tilting movements, and the unique placing of the LEDs brings a speed to your light show that has never been seen before. 

DMT P6 screen at Pinkpop 2016

On 10, 11, and 12 June 2016, Pinkpop music festival was held for the 47th time. This has made Pinkpop the longest-running annual music festival in the world. Some 70,000 visitors come to the festival over these three days. Headlining this year were the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rammstein, and Paul McCartney.Different Highlite products were used at this event. There was the 5.8 m x 1.9 m DMT P6 screen with direct live feed from the podium, hoisted with two Showtec mammoth stands. In the press roo...

Intents Festival 2016

Intents Festival takes place every year on the first weekend in June. For the whole weekend, there are performances of the biggest hardstyle and hardcore artists. The event is known for its crazy decors and shows. Products such as Showtec and Artecta were incorporated into the light show.The eight stages all had a sports theme. The main stage featured an enormous helmet and large lighting poles, filled with moving heads. 140 metres of Artecta Havana RGB LED strips were incorporated into the s...

New and in stock: the Showtec Phantom 300 LED Matrix

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
An increasing number of moving heads are equipped with pixel control. This is especially appealing in the case of the well-known 5x5 matrix moving heads, as it means you can display any effect you want on the entire surface. Your imagination is truly the limit when using the new Showtec Phantom 300 LED Matrix, which is equipped with 25 10W RGBW LEDs and is infinitely rotatable in both directions.
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