Opening of the Carnival season in Maastricht with 136 DMT P12.5s

Year: 2016

Location: Maastricht (NL)

Photo credits: Kenneth Tan, Jean-Pierre Geusens

Lighting designer: Paul Pelen

Production/Rental: Xymio Event-techniek

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The opening of the new Carnival season is celebrated each year on 11 November. For years now, the usual venue for the celebrations in Maastricht has become the large Vrijthof square, which this year accommodated around 20,000 revellers. Xymio Event Techniek took care of the technical side. It incorporated 136 DMT P12.5 screens on the stage, meaning that the atmosphere on the square could be changed quickly and easily. This lightweight screen can be mounted at various angles, so it can even be installed in a circular design. Xymio also used sixteen Infinity iW-1915s.