Moving Heads Washers : 11 Products

Shark Series

Showtec Shark is a new series of compact sized moving heads with excellent features and an impressive output; a perfect lighting solution for mobile DJs, musicians, pubs, and bars.
Intelligently designed fixtures, easy to use by professional and non-professional users alike. Versatile macros and integrated sound-active programs are features and functionalities that will enable you to create amazing shows without any complex programming.
All Showtec Shark moving heads are equipped with IFS Technology, allowing users full control of various Shark fixtures within a single setup.
Showtec Shark: Dangerously Cool Moving Heads!

Infinity Wash

The Infinity® iW-340, iW-740 and iW-1240 wash lights are a great addition to the Infinity® series. With a zoom range of 4.5° - 36° these fixtures can be used as wash light and as powerful LED beam. Control the individual pixels by DMX / Artnet or select Macro patterns to transform it into an effect light. The use of the LED background can create an extra dimension. The special optics design and intelligent color- mixing system with separate CTO channel system make you create the most extensive views on stage.