Infinity Chimp 300

4 Universe DMX Console
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Chimp 300
Chimp 300
Chimp 300
Chimp 300
Chimp 300
Chimp 300
Chimp 300
Chimp 300
Chimp 300
Chimp 300
Chimp 300

The truly cost effective solution to all your lighting control needs. Designed to use an industry standard programing syntax via encoders & hard keys. The Chimp 100 can connect up to two external touch screens and the Chimp 300 houses a 22" full HD touch screen with the possibility to connect one extra external touch screen. This provides familiar easy to use screens you can be programing in minutes no matter your background. The Chimp series of consoles has been designed to be user friendly. No matter your application, touring, rental, theatre, multipurpose venue, education or House of Worship the tools you need are available. The Chimps use proven European software with a robust design all backed by a two year warranty making this your obvious choice for a new console.


Technical Features:
• Familiar keys, numeric keypad and 4 Encoders
• 10 Playback faders with Go, Pause/Reverse, Flash keys on multiple pages
• 10 Executer/Flash keys on multiple pages
• Color picker, Swatchbook by Lee, Rosco and Apollo Filters
• Gobo Picker
• User definable groups and presets
• User definable display layout
• 4 user definable master faders
• Effects engine
• Fan functions on all attributes
• Built in Fixture library and Fixture builder
• Cue list screen

• 4 x DMX 5-pin opto-isolated in/outs (RDM ready)
• Ethernet/Artnet
• HDMI monitor out
• Midi In/Thru/Out 5-pin DIN
• Audio/SMPTE/LTC Input 3-pin XLR
• IEC Power Supply Input
• 2 x Dimmable Desklight outputs 3-pin XLR
• 2 x USB-B connectors

• 4 universe 2048 channels DMX
• 300 Fixtures
• 10000 memories
• 400 memory stacks
• 100 groups
• 9 x 100 presets (position, color, beam, effects, etc.)
• Command line interface
• Output visualizer
• Tracking and non-tracking options

Display: 22 inch 1920x1080 Hull HD
Touch: Digital resistive touch
Housing: Metal & flame-retardant plastic side covers
Dimensions: 647 x 575 x 279mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 18Kg
Ambient Temp. Range: -5 ~ 40°C