Showtec Event Spot 1800 Q4

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• Compact and lightweight
• RGBA colormixing
• Long battery life (5 hrs full on)
• For (temporary) outdoor use
• Wireless DMX functionality

Event Spot 1800 Q4
Event Spot 1800 Q4
Event Spot 1800 Q4
Event Spot 1800 Q4
Event Spot 1800 Q4
Event Spot 1800 Q4
Event Spot 1800 Q4
Event Spot 1800 Q4
Event Spot 1800 Q4
The Eventspot 1800 Q4 is an extremely compact and rugged event lighting fixture with lithium ion battery and wireless DMX functionality (Wireless DMX). Weighing only 5.5Kg,the Eventspot 1800 is ideal for all kinds of events and is a true leader in this class of lighting fixtures.
It is equipped with a 40W RGBA LED Engin LED combined with dedicated high class optics ensuring a bright and well defined beam.
The projection angle of the fixture can be adjusted and an optional rain cover is available to ensure a higher IP rating.


Light Source:
LED Qty.: 1 X RGBA
Drive Current: 800mA
Color Range: 16.7 million additive RGB colors with
extra amber depth control

Input Voltage: 100~240 VAC…50/60Hz
Max. Power: 40W

Max. Flux: 600lm
Peak Intensity: 7500cd
Optical System: Dimmer: 0-100%
Strobe: 0-20Hz
Optics: 15
Refreshrate: 900Hz

Storage: 8,8Ah
Run time: 5 hrs at full RGBA on
Charging Cycle: 10 hrs
Control: On-board: Display for Auto, Static color
Control Protocol: DMX512 via wireless/ DMX512
Control Personality: Tour, TR16, Arc1, Arc1+D, Arc2, Arc2+D, Arc2+S,HSV

Dimensions: 287,6 x 154 x 154 mm
Weight: 5,5 Kg
Housing: Stainless steel
Lens Plate: Tempered glass
Fixture Connection: Data in/out, Power in
Cooling: Convection
Environment: Dry/ Damp/ Wet Location
IP42(temporary event)/IP54(with rain cover)
Operation Temperature: -20°C ~40°C