Showtec EventBAR 12/3

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• Battery operated (6 hours Full On)
• Compact and lightweight
• Wireless DMX functionality (Wireless Solutions - Sweden)
• IP66 Rating
• Multivoltage Powersupply

EventBAR 12/3
EventBAR 12/3
EventBAR 12/3
EventBAR 12/3
EventBAR 12/3
EventBAR 12/3
The EventBAR 12/3 is an extension on our very popular Event-series battery powered products. Is has the same specifications as our Cameleon Bar 12/3, and upgraded it by adding a decent battery, wireless DMX (from Wireless Solutions), and using Neutrik outdoor Powercon TRUE1 input and XLR XX-HD connectors for daisy chaining the DMX signal.


Lux (@ 2 meter) Red 365
Lux (@ 2 meter) Green 560
Lux (@ 2 meter) Blue 715
Lux (@ 2 meter) Full 1600
Max distance: 10m
Colour range: 16,7 million additive colors
LED Quantity: 12 pieces 3-in-1 RGB LED
Drive current: 350mA

Input-voltage: 100~240VAC...50/60Hz
Power: 45W @FO
Display: LED display for auto and custom control
Control: DMX-512, Auto, Master/Slave
DMX Mode: 3, 5, 7 Ch
Dimmer: 0-100%
Strobe: 0-20Hz
Beam Angle: 22 degrees

Storage: 15,6Ah
Runtime: 6 hrs at full RGB on
Charging Cycle: 8 hrs (LED blackout when charging)

Housing: Die Cast Aluminium Powder Coat Finish
Color: Black
Lens Plate: Tempered Glass
DMX Connection: XLR 3p XX-HD in/out, Powercon TRUE1 input
Cooling: Convection (no fans)
IP Rating: IP66
Dimensions: 700 x 90 x 145 mm (without bracket)
Weight: 6,3 kg
Refreshrate: 7,8 KHz