Showtec EventBAR 100IR

incl Wireless DMX
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• Compact and lightweight
• Long battery life
• Wireless DMX functionality (Wireless Solutions – Sweden)
• Built-in battery charger and protection
• Smooth colormixing

EventBAR 100IR
EventBAR 100IR
EventBAR 100IR
The EventBAR 100IR is the mobile brother of the successful LED Light Bar 8. By designing a new metal housing, adding a battery, and redesigning the electronics to ensure optimum charging during operating, Showtec have created a very versatile and inexpensive batten effect for all sorts of locations and applications. The long runtime of the battery ensures a problem free working during youer events. Equipped with 240 pieces 10mm LED's divided in 8 sections allows users to make beautiful color fades and flows. Equiped with Wireless DMX (from Wireless Solutions) to eliminate the use of cables making this the ideal wireless light effect for washing all sorts of objects and locations.


Light Source:
LED Qty: 240x 10mm (96xR, 72xG, 72xB)
Lux @2m: 490
Color Range: 16.7 million additive RGB colors
Beam Angle: 30°

Input Voltage: 100~240 VAC…50/60Hz
Max. Power: 42W
Operation mode: LCD display
Control feature: Built-in programs, auto running mode, DMX mode, master/slave mode, soundactive mode, and static colors
DMX channels: 3, 5, 24, 2, 7 Channels

Storage: 6,6 Ah
Runtime: 6 hrs at full RGB on
Charging Cycle: 10 hrs (LED blackout when charging)

Dimensions: 1073 x 120 x 135 mm
Weight: 4,36 Kg
Housing: powder coated aluminium and steel
Fixture Connection: Data in/out, Power in
Cooling: Convection
IP Rating: IP-20
Operation Temperature: -10°C ~40°C