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HP Amplifiers

The DAP HP Series power amplifiers are the solution when true quality is needed in an affordable price range. The HP Series are 5 models representing output powers from stereo 200W until 1400W. All including the best protection circuits and built in a strong solid housing to achieve many years of reliable power. They are the best mobile choice for musicians, DJs, and entertainers but also perfect for installations in discos, pubs or any kind of public areas.

CA-series Amplifier

The DAP-Audio CA-series Compact Amplifiers are exactly that! A very compact housed power amplifier with all the necessary features for the contemporary users. Within the family of 4 there are two straight forward 2-channel models of different amplifier power, one 3-channel model which has an included crossover to easily setup a 3.1 configuration, and one 4-channel model which also includes a crossover.