Unique application: LED screens by Media Service Maastricht

Year: 2017

Location: Maastricht

Lighting designer: Marco Stijnen

Production/Rental: Media Service Maastricht (MSM)

Our customer Media Service Maastricht has found an innovative way to use DMT LED screens. It has used Pixelscreens with a 3.9 mm pitch for a number of fixed installations in public buildings, and an F10 Pixelscreen hangs from the façade of their own business premises. Marco Stijnen of Media Service Maastricht has had a customized casing created for each of these screens.
The Bonnefantenmuseum    
The Bonnefantenmuseum is the best known museum of fine arts in Maastricht. Thirty-two Pixelscreen E3.9 Indoor units have been installed in its entrance hall. The museum uses the screens to display promotions, provide information, and explain the background to specific works of art. Videos are shown, for example, to explain the production process behind the artwork or to provide more context. The size of the screen – equivalent to four virtual televisions next to one another – is ideal for this purpose as the screen can display several items of information simultaneously.     
Maastricht Provincial Government Building    
A DMT LED screen has also been installed in the remarkable provincial government building in Maastricht. Twenty Pixelscreen I3.9 Indoor units have been mounted in the council chamber, where the governors of Limburg province meet once a month. The use of a LED screen means there is no need to darken the room, which is a considerable advantage over the use of a traditional projector. The pixel pitch is small enough to display a sharp and detailed image on a screen this size.    
Maastricht University    
At Maastricht University's Minderbroedersberg location, twenty-eight Pixelscreen E3.9 units have been installed in the large lecture hall. Here too, the main reason for choosing a LED screen was to eliminate the need to darken the room. On the one hand, this creates a more pleasant climate for studying and, on the other, the brilliant colours of the hall windows remain visible. Media Service Maastricht has also installed an extensive camera system so that the speaker remains in view at all times. Again, the pixel pitch of the screens is small enough to be used in lectures here without problems.    
Media Service Maastricht's premises    
Finally, a Pixelscreen F10 has been installed on the façade of Media Service Maastricht's own business premises. A particular feature of the sturdy F10 screens is that they are able to withstand all types of weather so, here too, the screen hangs outside exposed to the elements. The screen is used for displaying reference projects. The 10 mm pixel pitch provides the best combination between light output, costs, and sharpness of image.