‘Paul Panzer’ stand-up show to use only Infinity Moving Lights

Year: 2017

Location: Cologne

Lighting designer: Stefan Schäfer & Oliver Bauer

Production/Rental: Traumland Ton

The German comedian Dieter Tappert, better known as Paul Panzer, is currently touring Germany with his roadshow ‘Invasion der Verrückten’ (The Madness Invasion). His performance on Saturday 4 March 2017 at the LANXESS arena in Cologne, in front of thousands of excited fans, featured a light show that used only Infinity fixtures.

Thanks to the powerful light output, Dieter is confident that the light show will be just as impressive on larger stages. As he travels almost every day to different cities, the equipment has to be easy to assemble and disassemble. Dieter also needs to be able to rely on the product. Infinity combines these aspects in a compact fixture, produced by Traumland Ton (owned by Stefan Schäfer).

Operator Olivier Bauer uses eighteen iW-1915s, fourteen iB-16Rs, and five Medium Studiobeam Tour Q4s.