Infinity @ NiX als TriXX

Year: 2017

Location: Bonn (DE)

Photo credits: Abi Dragässer

Lighting designer: Guido Nallinger

Production/Rental: Nallinger Showtime e.K.

On Saturday, the ZaubertriXXer put on a magical show in the assembly hall at Rhein-Sieg-Gymnasium as part of their ‘NiX als TriXX’ production. The audience on the night experienced no fewer than two hours of breathtaking magic art and illusions during this extraordinary show by the German masters of illusion. Performed by two magicians, four talented assistants, and dance troops from the Jazz Devils Dance Company from Troisdorf, the show was a feast of thrilling magic tricks, spectacular illusions, and awe-inspiring light design. During the interval, audience members could take a closer look at the first trick in the second half of the show. Our client Showtime provided all the technical equipment for the show production, using lighting technology such as the new iB-16R Moving Heads from the Infinity range, the LED Helix 4000 Q4 panel lights, and Tour LEDs.