Infinity @ NiX als TriXX

On Saturday, the ZaubertriXXer put on a magical show in the assembly hall at Rhein-Sieg-Gymnasium as part of their ‘NiX als TriXX’ production. The audience on the night experienced no fewer than two hours of breathtaking magic art and illusions during this extraordinary show by the German masters of illusion. Performed by two magicians, four talented assistants, and dance troops from the Jazz Devils Dance Company from Troisdorf, the show was a feast of thrilling magic tricks, spectacular illu...

Odin outdoor test day in August and September

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
On 16 August and 13 September 2017, we will be organizing extensive demos of our Odin Audio Systems Line Array at our premises in Kerkrade. You can also listen to your own music on the line array or try out the system with the help of a tech expert. Of course, our technicians will be at hand to answer any questions you may have.

Infinity galore at ‘Nacht van de Hoegaarden’

SN-Produkties used an impressive number of Infinity moving heads during the ‘Nacht van de Hoegaarden’ festival in Kortessem, Belgium. This was their first job with iB-16Rs, and the size of the festival tent was no problem at all for these powerful hybrid moving heads. Alongside the iB-16Rs, SN-Produkties used 24 Infinity iB-715s. The powerful Osram Ostar LEDs produced some eye-catching and tight beams.

The Infinity iM-2515 Matrix moving head

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Show visuals? Check. Display text? Check. Beam effect? Check. This is the Infinity iM-2515: a moving head with incredible possibilities. 

Infinity, Showtec, and DMT in club NOTO, Pennsylvania, USA

Nightclub NOTO in trendy Philadelphia, USA, has only been open for six months but big names such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and A-Trak have performed here already. They have also been named the best club in Pennsylvania in this short period of time. And, best of all, their shows are created using only Infinity, Showtec, and DMT.Our client Roodhof Muziek & Showproducties in Staphorst were responsible for the installation and took on the challenging adventure of setting up all the lighting equipment...

New! Highlite Social Media Toolkit

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
As of this week, our Social Media Toolkit is now available in our download section. It contains a collection of images showing our brands. Thanks to their format, you can place them directly on social media. Use them, for example, to let others know that you supply or rent out our products. The toolkit is available for Showtec, DAP, Infinity, Odin, DMT, and Antari. Click here to visit the download page.

Infinity Chimp and Showtec in Greek club AHOY

Club Ahoy on the Greek peninsula of Halkidiki is an outdoor club that is open from April to September. This nightlife venue has existed for more than 25 years and has a capacity of 3000 visitors. In 2017 its lighting was updated, with the installation of several Showtec products.Our Greek partner Sivko Electronics drew the design, supplied the products, and installed the equipment. Particularly eye-catching are the 36 Phantom 75 LED Beams that move clean powerful beams across the club. Three...

Showtec @ Sparta Stadium Rotterdam

Many Showtec Sunstrips, Spectrals, and blinders were used for the concert given by the Rotterdam rap group ‘Broederliefde’. Their performance in their home town in front of a crowd of 10,000 people was a resounding success. The stage was set up by Peitsman Licht en Geluid, whose equipment included 200 Spectral M800 spotlights. During this outdoor event, the stage was dressed as an ancient castle. Forty-eight Active Sunstrips were incorporated into the stage roof and various Showtec blind...

Stagelight Den Bosch and Highlite: strong partners

Stagelight specializes in lighting and sound equipment for a range of different events. Its customers include some of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands. Recently, Stagelight invested in two fantastic Infinity products: Thirty Infinity iM-2515 panels and fifty Infinity iB-2r beams. They were put to good use straightaway for events such as the Amsterdam Dance Event, the Soendra festival, and Ghosttown.Features such as continuous rotation on the pan and tilt axes and pixel addressing were...

New to the assortment: the innovative Grippon Tube

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
This is a quick and simple solution for fastening curtains to tubes and trusses of all shapes and sizes. Finally, this reliable solution is now available. The Grippon Tube Curtain Clamp can be attached and removed within a second. Although it can be removed quickly, this does not mean, however, that it detaches easily. An innovative gear mechanism on the inside ensures that the Grippon Tube only detaches if it is pulled at the top.

Best of Musical & Wine 2017

On 18 March, the latest edition of ‘Best of Musical & Wine’ took place, which, for the first time, was held in the large hall of the Maritim Hotel in Bonn. Prior to the show and during the interval, visitors were able to enjoy a wine-tasting session that included 28 wines produced by eight winegrowers from the Ahr wine region in Germany. Just like old times, the show took the audience on a spectacular musical journey to enjoy the melodies and hits from the biggest musicals today.With inte...

New Showtec Raincovers

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Festival season in Europe – our festivals are often blessed with fabulous weather, but other times we have to put up with rain, mud, and storms. The festivals go on regardless, and all we can do is brave the weather. By protecting our expensive gear and investing in suitable materials, a rainy festival presents no problems – at least for the equipment!

New: the Highlite Academy

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The devices in Highlite's product range are becoming more and more advanced. To help you get the most out of them, we have set up the Highlite Academy – our in-house training programme for various devices. We will start with the Infinity Chimp light controllers. Keep your eye on the website for training dates – and don't forget to sign up!      

Customers say: Lewis Dey (lighting technician with AM Lighting)

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
“We are so pleased to be working closely with 'Highlite' and 'Infinity Intelligent Light’ on the new Chimp Series Lighting Consoles. We were excited about the prospect of an Infinity moving light console in mid-2016 when we were made aware of the project. 

Maastricht honours Giro d’Italia winner Tom Dumoulin

Tom Dumoulin, the winner of the Giro d’Italia 2017, was honoured in style in his home town of Maastricht. He is the first Dutchman to win a major cycling competition in 37 years. During the celebrations, the Limburg Provincial Government Building was coloured pink. The building was fitted with 120 Artecta Dublin RGB lights, controlled by Quick DMX for easy operation.Around 10,000 spectators gathered on the market square in Maastricht to celebrate Tom's achievement with him. Demo Productions p...