Opening of Maastricht's carnival season

True to tradition, the start of Maastricht's carnival season was celebrated on 11 November at an event on Vrijthof square that attracted more than 20,000 visitors. Xymio Event Techniek supplied the technology used onstage, using 140 Pixelmesh P12.5 Tours and other units, 22 metres of Active Sunstrip, and 32 Octostrips. But it doesn't end there: the stage was also equipped with 20 Infinity iW-1915 Washes.

Software update V1.05 Infinity Chimp

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Software version 1.05 for the Infinity Chimp has been available since the start of November. The most important update to this version is ‘move in black’. With this function, the table already looks at the next cue and places the moving heads into the next position as soon as the dimmer is closed. This ensures that there is no spillover in the image of the next cue. Visit the forum for all changes and bugfixes! Visit the forum

90 Infinity iB-2R at opening of Breepark

90 Infinity iB-2Rs were set up during the scheduled opening of the Breepark, an events hall in Breda. Have a look at the clips of the set-up below!    

Infinity iM-2515 at Rowwen Hèze closing concert

Rowwen Hèze's closing concerts (Slotconcerten) were held in America (Limburg, the Netherlands) on the weekend of 3 and 4 November 2017, marking the end of the band's festival tent tour and the start of the its ‘theatre season’. Our customer Stagelight, based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, was responsible for kitting out the stage. It used 16 powerful Infinity iM-2515 moving heads that looked fantastic on this stage.Alongside the 30 Infinity iM-2515s, Stagelight has 50 Infinity iB-2R that it supplies fo...

New: wireless DMX on Phantom moving heads

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
From this week, you can purchase upgrade kits for the Phantom 130, Phantom 3R Beam, and Phantom 3R Hybrid moving heads. These upgrade kits allow you to wirelessly control the moving heads via DMX. Highlite works closely with Wireless Solutions Sweden to make sure all of our products are compatible. Alongside the Phantom moving heads, you can directly control Infinity moving heads, the Infinity Chimp, and all wireless and battery-powered PAR cans. The stable signal has a wide range: as soon as...

HVR Show Equipment invests in 26 Infinity iM-2515s

The Infinity iM-2515s offer unmatched light output and can be used in a truly endless number of ways. Ravenstein-based HVR Show Equipment supplies high-grade lighting and sound equipment for big events such as the Amsterdam Dance Event and Defqon.1. The iM-2515s are the perfect answer to their customers’ wishes and demands for creative solutions. This robust, fully pixel controllable fixture, with continuous rotating on both pan and tilt, offers endless creative possibilities. The 26 iM-2515s...

Odin in ‘De Koe’ community centre in Breda

‘De Koe’ regularly hosts performances, parties, and receptions. The centre’s older lighting and sound fixtures were replaced with Showtec lighting and the Odin line array during the recent large-scale extension of the building, carried out by Jacobs Breda Electronics.14 T-8A top cabinets and 6 S-18A subwoofers were placed in two of the main events spaces. Thanks to the impressive performance potential, relatively few cabinets are needed in each space. Meanwhile, the EASE Focus 3 software – wh...

Personalized winter deals brochures

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Do you want to inspire your customers with special winter deals? Then order the winter deals brochures printed with your own logo and contact details! These brochures contain the end user costs but no further Highlite references. The deals start on 1 December, so please let us know in time if you would like to receive personalized brochures!Order personalized winter deals brochures

New: the Highlite Academy

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The devices in Highlite's product range are becoming more and more advanced. To help you get the most out of them, we have set up the Highlite Academy – our in-house training programme for various devices. We will start with the Infinity Chimp light controllers. Keep your eye on the website for training dates – and don't forget to sign up!

Showtec Phantom Matrix FX

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Moving heads with pixel control have become an essential part of stage set-ups. A popular model is the 5x5 matrix which has 25 LEDs arranged in five rows of five LEDs. In the Phantom Matrix FX, these RGBW LEDs have an output of 4 watts. With a 45° beam angle, they have been designed to work with visuals, clearly displaying text, numbers, and other graphic content. 

Product catalogue update

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The new update catalogue is available for download. It includes the latest version of the Vintage Blaze ’55 and the new Showtec Shark and Phantom series as well as detailed information on the Odin Line Array and the latest Infinity moving heads.>>Download

The Infinity forum

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The Highlite forum has been online for some time now. Here you can find plenty of information about the Chimp light controllers. Visit our forum for any questions, tips and tricks, or fixture files. The forum is free to use, and we invite everyone to register and take part in discussions. Visit the forum

Blauwe As festival in Assen

The Blauwe As festival took place in Assen on 15 and 16 September and celebrated the opening of the Blauwe As boat route. The weekend was a celebration of water and music and there were various performances to entertain the crowd. Our client DIA based in Assen, the Netherlands, provided a fantastic show with Showtec and Infinity Products.Sixteen Infinity iB-16Rs were used on the stage. These hybrid moving heads can be used as a spotlight and as a beam while the RGB LED ring around the lens gi...

Recap: Highlite pop-up show in Berlin

Arriving in Berlin on Wednesday 11 October, the ‘Highlite pop-up show’ saw us bring a range of Infinity, Odin, and DMT products to the famous Sage Club, right in the city centre.In addition to a central stage kitted out with Odins and DMTs, visitors to the show had ample opportunity to ask questions. We also set up 6 Chimps in a separate ‘hands-on’ experience room. Amateur as well as advanced users could hear all about how the light tables worked, as explained by our instructors.If you would...

Recap Highlite Experience Day 2017

Highlite held its first Experience Day on 2 October this year. This new concept focuses on learning, inspiring, and connecting people. We welcomed customers from around the world, and we are happy that so many of them embraced this new approach.We invited some well-known speakers in the industry to talk at the ‘learning and inspiring’ part. At certain times, there was no free chair left in the seminar rooms. We taught our guest things about light design, trussing, and video, as well as speake...