Join the Highlite Academy and become a master!

Do you already own an Infinity Chimp light controller or do you consider to buy one? Are you interested in gaining more in-depth knowledge about several other Highlite products? Then we definitely encourage you to join one of the Highlite Academy courses. At our headquarters in Kerkrade, the Netherlands we offer a beginners’- as well as an advanced training.

To claim your spot, please click on one of the following links:

14-11 Chimp training Nederlands - BEGINNERS
15-11 Chimp training Nederlands - GEVORDERDEN
28-11 Chimp Schulung Deutsch - ANFÄNGER
29-11 Chimp Schulung Deutsch - FORTGESCHRITTENE
05-12 Creator Schulung Deutsch
12-12 Chimp training Nederlands - BEGINNERS
13-12 Chimp training Nederlands - GEVORDERDEN
09-01 Chimp Schulung Deutsch - ANFÄNGER
10-01 Chimp Schulung Deutsch - FORTGESCHRITTENE
23-01 Chimp Training for BEGINNERS (English)
24-01 Chimp Training for ADVANCED users (English)