DutchMediaTools or DMT in short, has become a global player on the LEDscreen market. Next to those core-products DMT offers a wide variety of general video-signal processing tools, AV hardware and cables. Even on a tight budget DMT can offer a creative solution for your event. Call us for info.

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DAP Audio

DAP Audio is our audio-brand. It has been on the market for many years now and it's established as an audio-brand with an outstanding price-quality balance. It incorporates a wide range of audio products: audiomixers, amplifiers, speakersystems, audio-processing tools, audio-cables, connectors, flightcases and hardware.

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Showtec, a true "showtechnology-veteran", is well known by enthusisast and professionals from all over the world. From a home-party to a global show-event: Showtec is widely used to create stunning light- and effectshows on stage and dancefloor. Showtec offers everything you need to take your event to a higher level: lighteffects, movingheads, blinders, controllers and much more!

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Artecta is our youngest and more sophisticated offspring. It's our answer to an enduring demand for more stylish yet affordable architectural lightingfixtures. Artecta offers: downlights, wall-lights, ingroundspots, tracklights, underwaterlights, garden/streelights and with an hint to our entertainmentbranch: moodlights.

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Showtec Compact Par MK2 in Amsterdam ArenA

  The annual Toppers Concerts were recently held in the Amsterdam ArenA. ‘De Toppers’ is a group of Dutch artists who perform a concert of Dutch golden oldies to a large audience. This success formula celebrated its ten-year anniversary this year.   The show went big in terms of lighting and sets this year, with our client Ampco Flashlight from Utrecht supplying 185 Showtec Compact Par 7 MK2s. 

The Cave Experience

The Valkenburg Municipal Cave draws more than 100,000 visitors each year, thanks in part to its famous Christmas market. The extensive cave network, created through years of marl mining, is richly decorated with drawings and sculptures. Tours through this magnificent cave are offered daily.There is now another reason to visit this cave: the Cave Experience, which opened in early June, projects famous paintings by artists like Mondriaan, Warhol, Munch and Picasso via 29 beamers. The result is...

Premium cases Infinity series

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The new Infinity moving heads will be delivered this week for the first time. The Premium Line cases were specifically developed to protect this new line of products to professional standards. 

Showtec Pixel Bubble 80

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Pixel effects are becoming increasingly popular in productions. The Showtec Pixel Bubble 80 is an affordable pixel effect that can easily cover large surfaces. The many integrated programs make a complicated light console unnecessary. 

Infinity Moving Heads in stock!

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Showtec’s new showpiece, the Infinity Series, is now largely on stock. These compact professional moving heads are equipped with high-speed motors, powercon connectors, a big full-colour screen with movement sensor and built-in battery to enable users to change the settings and start address without requiring access to the main power supply. Compact cases are also available for every moving head in this series.

Showtec @ Club Smokey Amsterdam

The famous Club Smokey nightclub in Amsterdam recently upgraded its lighting system, which was supplied and installed by our customer Design-Light from IJmuiden.     
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