DutchMediaTools or DMT in short, has become a global player on the LEDscreen market. Next to those core-products DMT offers a wide variety of general video-signal processing tools, AV hardware and cables. Even on a tight budget DMT can offer a creative solution for your event. Call us for info.

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DAP Audio

DAP Audio is our audio-brand. It has been on the market for many years now and it's established as an audio-brand with an outstanding price-quality balance. It incorporates a wide range of audio products: audiomixers, amplifiers, speakersystems, audio-processing tools, audio-cables, connectors, flightcases and hardware.

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Showtec, a true "showtechnology-veteran", is well known by enthusisast and professionals from all over the world. From a home-party to a global show-event: Showtec is widely used to create stunning light- and effectshows on stage and dancefloor. Showtec offers everything you need to take your event to a higher level: lighteffects, movingheads, blinders, controllers and much more!

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Artecta is our youngest and more sophisticated offspring. It's our answer to an enduring demand for more stylish yet affordable architectural lightingfixtures. Artecta offers: downlights, wall-lights, ingroundspots, tracklights, underwaterlights, garden/streelights and with an hint to our entertainmentbranch: moodlights.

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The Bedroom Club Thessaloniki (Greece)

Greece has another great club to add to its nightlife: the Bedroom Club in Thessaloniki. The club opened on 28 August 2014 and attracts a large number of visitors each week. Its modern light show, which uses a considerable number of Showtec LED moving heads, creates the ultimate party atmosphere.The lighting system was installed by our Greek partner Digital Xartisi. A combination of multiple Phantom 75 Beams and Phantom 50 Spots offers multiple opportunities for creativity. The strategically...

Showtec XS-4

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Some time ago, as a follow-up to its XS-2 model, Showtec brought out its XS-4, an affordable LED light effect featuring four powerful white beams. This light effect consists of four individual moving heads fitted on a metal bar, keeping the device both compact and affordable. The powerful white 10W LEDs combined with the 3° lenses guarantee clear and bright beams. Add to this the quick movements and it will come as no surprise that a variety of special effects can be created with the XS-4!

Showtec Villa Thalia Dinner Show

Dinner shows have already become a well-known concept in the Netherlands. It's a form of entertainment that combines dinner with a spectacular theatre show. A particularly unusual version can be found at Villa Thalia, a former cinema that has been transformed into a breathtaking entertainment venue. Its 360° video projection on the walls and non-stop entertainment makes every minute a memorable experience. Thanks to this unique set-up, rather than feeling like a member of the audience, you fe...

Compact Power Light Set COB

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
LED technology is continually developing. The latest development is known as Chip On Board (COB) technology. Several tiny LEDs are placed next to one another to create a perfect mixture of colours, whilst avoiding a single bright spot of light, instead evenly distributing light intensity over a larger surface area. 

DAP Splash series loudspeakers

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
DAP has been supplying plastic loudspeakers as part of its range for a number of years now. Following on from its K series and PS series, it's now time for DAP's new Splash series. Lightweight, compact, sturdy, and a neutral sound are key words to describe these new boxes.

Hotel Pomegranate Greece

The most high-tech nightclub in Greece can be found at the Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel in Halkidiki. The club is filled with DMT Pixel Screens, is fitted with a Pixel Floor, and also has various Showtec LED moving heads. The speaker management system and amplifiers are supplied by DAP.The hotel has done its utmost to ensure its guests enjoy an unforgettable holiday. With three restaurants, an extensive 1700 m² spa area, its own private beach, and four bars, the Pomegranate hotel is among t...
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