DutchMediaTools or DMT in short, has become a global player on the LEDscreen market. Next to those core-products DMT offers a wide variety of general video-signal processing tools, AV hardware and cables. Even on a tight budget DMT can offer a creative solution for your event. Call us for info.

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DAP Audio

DAP Audio is our audio-brand. It has been on the market for many years now and it's established as an audio-brand with an outstanding price-quality balance. It incorporates a wide range of audio products: audiomixers, amplifiers, speakersystems, audio-processing tools, audio-cables, connectors, flightcases and hardware.

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Showtec, a true "showtechnology-veteran", is well known by enthusisast and professionals from all over the world. From a home-party to a global show-event: Showtec is widely used to create stunning light- and effectshows on stage and dancefloor. Showtec offers everything you need to take your event to a higher level: lighteffects, movingheads, blinders, controllers and much more!

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Artecta is our youngest and more sophisticated offspring. It's our answer to an enduring demand for more stylish yet affordable architectural lightingfixtures. Artecta offers: downlights, wall-lights, ingroundspots, tracklights, underwaterlights, garden/streelights and with an hint to our entertainmentbranch: moodlights.

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Infinity Sunpanels @ The Voice Kids Holland

The final of the 2015 Dutch edition of the talent show 'The Voice Kids' took place in April. The show was visually stunning thanks in part to Infinity Sunpanels. Twenty-four panels were suspended above the stage for visual support.Ampco-Flashlight was responsible for the production and Bas de Vries of Licht-H-Art was responsible for the lighting design. Instead of being linked to a large screen, the Sunpanels were suspended at different points throughout the hall. This made it possible to cre...

Indoor amusement park Yumble equipped with Infinity, Showtec, and Artecta

Roermond has worked hard to turn its amusement park of the future into reality. Modern technology plays a key role in this amusement park. The entire park is transformed into one big light show thanks to the many Infinity moving heads, Showtec pars, and Artecta track lights.Yumble officially opened its doors on Saturday 21 March 2015. The amusement park features 8000 m² of modern entertainment and offers interactive attractions that make use of cameras and projection screens. Ampco Flashlight...

New Showtec Phantom 50 MK2

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The Showtec Phantom 50 has enjoyed great success. Numerous functions, powerful light output, and a compact housing are the key features of the Phantom 50. We use the latest technologies and offer our customers nothing short of the best, which is why we looked for ways to improve the Phantom 50.

Showtec Phantom 20 Beam voted spotlight of the year

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Readers of the German magazineSoundchecknamed the Showtec Phantom 20 Beam 'Spotlight of the Year' during Prolight & Sound. We would like to thank everyone who voted and supported us during this competition. We took home a win last year as well thanks to the readers of Soundcheckmagazine, when our Showtec XS-6 was voted 'Light tool of the Year'.

New 100 V speakers

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Several new products have been added to the 100 V line in the new 2015 catalogue. Most of these products can handle higher outputs than the older speakers in our range. The catalogue features new ceiling speakers, column speakers, outdoor garden speakers, and a new horn speaker. 

DAP Xi series in white

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Over the past year, the DAP Xi series has been a popular choice among our customers. Thanks to its many mounting options, pleasant sound character, and a number of useful tools in the unit, this series is particularly suitable for fixed installations. The Xi series has also recently been made available in the colour white.
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