DutchMediaTools or DMT in short, has become a global player on the LEDscreen market. Next to those core-products DMT offers a wide variety of general video-signal processing tools, AV hardware and cables. Even on a tight budget DMT can offer a creative solution for your event. Call us for info.

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DAP Audio

DAP Audio is our audio-brand. It has been on the market for many years now and it's established as an audio-brand with an outstanding price-quality balance. It incorporates a wide range of audio products: audiomixers, amplifiers, speakersystems, audio-processing tools, audio-cables, connectors, flightcases and hardware.

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Showtec, a true "showtechnology-veteran", is well known by enthusisast and professionals from all over the world. From a home-party to a global show-event: Showtec is widely used to create stunning light- and effectshows on stage and dancefloor. Showtec offers everything you need to take your event to a higher level: lighteffects, movingheads, blinders, controllers and much more!

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Artecta is our youngest and more sophisticated offspring. It's our answer to an enduring demand for more stylish yet affordable architectural lightingfixtures. Artecta offers: downlights, wall-lights, ingroundspots, tracklights, underwaterlights, garden/streelights and with an hint to our entertainmentbranch: moodlights.

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New flight cases

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
A sturdy flight case is the best way to protect your valuable possessions. We have therefore added a number of new flight cases to our range that have been specially made to carry several of our products.

500m² of DMT Pixelscreen P25 @ Qlimax 2014

At the end of 2014, a new edition of the Qlimax festival, ‘The Source Code of Creation’, took place at the GelreDome in Arnhem. This hardstyle festival is well known for its spectacular stage and light show and this year, as always, did not disappoint! No less than 500m² of DMT Pixelscreen P25 SMD Pro was hung above the stage in circles, with the outer circle, measuring almost 50 metres in diameter, hanging 40 metres above the ground.   

Showtec Creator Tutorials

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Showtec has incorporated many advanced functions in its affordable range of Creator light controllers. Functions include a shape generator, palettes, personality files, and much, much more. Tutorials have recently been placed online to give you a better idea of how easy Creators are to use. Click on the picture below to watch the films.

DAP Xi series in white

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Over the past year, the DAP Xi series has been a popular choice among our customers. Thanks to its many mounting options, pleasant sound character, and a number of useful tools in the unit, this series is particularly suitable for fixed installations. The Xi series has also recently been made available in the colour white.

Blue Friday Assen

On 12 December, the ‘Blue Friday’ event took place in Assen. This after-business party is not your average get-together, but is an exclusive party for business men and women who attend by personal invitation only. D.I.A., one of our customers from Assen was responsible for the technical equipment, including a large number of Showtec items.

The Bedroom Club Thessaloniki (Greece)

Greece has another great club to add to its nightlife: the Bedroom Club in Thessaloniki. The club opened on 28 August 2014 and attracts a large number of visitors each week. Its modern light show, which uses a considerable number of Showtec LED moving heads, creates the ultimate party atmosphere.The lighting system was installed by our Greek partner Digital Xartisi. A combination of multiple Phantom 75 Beams and Phantom 50 Spots offers multiple opportunities for creativity. The strategically...
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