64 Infinity iB-2Rs used at Soenda festival

In November, the Soenda Indoor festival was held in Utrecht. Our client Stagelight was responsible for this production and incorporated 64 Infinity iB-2Rs into the light show. Based on a sophisticated lighting design, these extremely bright beams were used to produce a breathtaking show. The prisms built into the Infinity iB-2Rs make them extremely versatile. As a result, there was little to no need for any other lighting to be included in the design.

Opening of Maastricht's carnival season

True to tradition, the start of Maastricht's carnival season was celebrated on 11 November at an event on Vrijthof square that attracted more than 20,000 visitors. Xymio Event Techniek supplied the technology used onstage, using 140 Pixelmesh P12.5 Tours and other units, 22 metres of Active Sunstrip, and 32 Octostrips. But it doesn't end there: the stage was also equipped with 20 Infinity iW-1915 Washes.

Software update V1.05 Infinity Chimp

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Software version 1.05 for the Infinity Chimp has been available since the start of November. The most important update to this version is ‘move in black’. With this function, the table already looks at the next cue and places the moving heads into the next position as soon as the dimmer is closed. This ensures that there is no spillover in the image of the next cue. Visit the forum for all changes and bugfixes! Visit the forum

90 Infinity iB-2R at opening of Breepark

90 Infinity iB-2Rs were set up during the scheduled opening of the Breepark, an events hall in Breda. Have a look at the clips of the set-up below!    

Infinity iM-2515 at Rowwen Hèze closing concert

Rowwen Hèze's closing concerts (Slotconcerten) were held in America (Limburg, the Netherlands) on the weekend of 3 and 4 November 2017, marking the end of the band's festival tent tour and the start of the its ‘theatre season’. Our customer Stagelight, based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, was responsible for kitting out the stage. It used 16 powerful Infinity iM-2515 moving heads that looked fantastic on this stage.Alongside the 30 Infinity iM-2515s, Stagelight has 50 Infinity iB-2R that it supplies fo...

HVR Show Equipment invests in 26 Infinity iM-2515s

The Infinity iM-2515s offer unmatched light output and can be used in a truly endless number of ways. Ravenstein-based HVR Show Equipment supplies high-grade lighting and sound equipment for big events such as the Amsterdam Dance Event and Defqon.1. The iM-2515s are the perfect answer to their customers’ wishes and demands for creative solutions. This robust, fully pixel controllable fixture, with continuous rotating on both pan and tilt, offers endless creative possibilities. The 26 iM-2515s...
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