DutchMediaTools or DMT in short, has become a global player on the LEDscreen market. Next to those core-products DMT offers a wide variety of general video-signal processing tools, AV hardware and cables. Even on a tight budget DMT can offer a creative solution for your event. Call us for info.

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DAP Audio

DAP Audio is our audio-brand. It has been on the market for many years now and it's established as an audio-brand with an outstanding price-quality balance. It incorporates a wide range of audio products: audiomixers, amplifiers, speakersystems, audio-processing tools, audio-cables, connectors, flightcases and hardware.

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Showtec, a true "showtechnology-veteran", is well known by enthusisast and professionals from all over the world. From a home-party to a global show-event: Showtec is widely used to create stunning light- and effectshows on stage and dancefloor. Showtec offers everything you need to take your event to a higher level: lighteffects, movingheads, blinders, controllers and much more!

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Artecta is our youngest and more sophisticated offspring. It's our answer to an enduring demand for more stylish yet affordable architectural lightingfixtures. Artecta offers: downlights, wall-lights, ingroundspots, tracklights, underwaterlights, garden/streelights and with an hint to our entertainmentbranch: moodlights.

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EventBAR 100IR

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The EventBAR 100IR is the mobile brother of the successful LED Light Bar 8. By designing a new metal housing, adding a battery, and redesigning the electronics to ensure optimum charging during operating, Showtec has created a very versatile and inexpensive batten effect for all sorts of locations and applications. The long runtime of the battery ensures flawless operation during your events. Equipped with 240 pieces 10mm LED's divided in 8 sections allows users to make beautiful color fades...

Showtec @ Zwolle ice sculpture festival

A team of forty international ice artists created a variety of scenes at the festival using 250,000 kg of ice and 250,000 kg of snow. These ice sculptures, which included historical Dutch East India Company ships, a variety of animals, several technological marvels, and various cartoon characters, were all on display in a tent complex covering an area of 2000 m².The technical set-up was taken care of by our client LSP from 's Hertogenbosch, using a large number of Showtec RGB and CW/WW spotli...

New and in stock: Spectral with zoom function

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
Our sturdy Spectral spotlights are a very versatile product. Available in different sizes, they can be purchased as either tour versions or IP-66 versions. The range has recently been expanded with two new spotlights: the Spectral M1500 Q4 Zoom and the Spectral M3000 Q4 Zoom.

The unique Infinity Sunpanels

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The Infinity Sunpanel is a LED blinder panel with 150x 3W Osram Oslon LEDs, arranged  in a 10x15 matrix and pixel pitch of 80mm. The 25,5mm narrow lenses, with its powerful 2400° Kelvin 3W LEDs, create a wall of pinchy blinders hereby generating amazing volumetric graphics. Each LED is driven by state of the art drivers. These drivers allow a perfect smooth dimming curve from zero to full on, without any gaps or steps in between. 

Review: Infinity iS-200

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
The Infinity iS-200 was constructed in the same way as the previously tested Infinity iB-2R, although the iS-200 is slightly smaller. The beam output from the sizable lens is actually the same as that of the iB-2R, although it appears to be larger. The iS-200 has the classic shape of a moving head and is in that respect comparable to the iB-2R. However, each of these moving heads has its own application and they are used for different purposes.

Review: Infinity iB-2R

Highlite International B.V Tim Dautzenberg
This month it's time to get down to serious work! Showtec has sent us their latest moving head, which is equipped with a 132 W Osram Sirius gas-discharge lamp. I have high expectations of the Infinity iB-2R and have worked regularly with competing brands in the higher price brackets. 
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